Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Jersey Shore

This year, my Mom, her two sisters, their husbands and children (2 kids each), my brother, his wife and two children, and I all went to the Jersey shore for vacation. It was a blast.

Danielle wasted no time and got her bathing suit on as soon as we got there.

I held the camera, but Danielle pressed the shutter, so she gets the photo credit on this one.

Alex says, "Hey! I want to go to the beach too!"

My cousin Steve brought his girlfriend Kelly along and his Dad Harry snapped this shot of her with my camera. Way to go Harry...and umm...way to go Steve. :)

The town we stayed in was called Barnegut Light after the lighthouse above.

In the middle of the week, Katie and I went to see her horse Jay-R. He was none too happy that it was so hot and humid, so he let off some steam in the paddock.

After visiting Jay-R, Kate and I stopped at Erga's Bakery to get Harry his favorite cookies.

Once we got back to Barnegut Light, some of us went shopping and I got a nice shot of Danielle.

After shopping, everyone had fun on the deck. Katie seized the opportunity to tickle Danielle.

Before we left town, we brought our own Mustache Bill to Mustache Bill's Diner.

Monday, April 16, 2007

Easter Saturday!

Chris had to go back to Oneonta on Easter Sunday, so we all got together and celebrated the day before...

Katie was sad to see Chris go, so she drank a lot of wine.

Bill was none to pleased with all that drinking...

...so he shot everyone with his invisible no-drinking gun (it's shaped like a bazooka)...

...but it backfired and made everyone's eyes bug out!

Luckily, 5 hours later, our eyes returned to normal.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Deb's birthday

My brother's wife Deb was born on St.Patrick's Day, so they came to visit and brought along their two kids. Here are some photos from the visit...

If you shove a blanket in Alex's mouth, he's much quieter.

If you remove the blanket, he'll just put the coffee table in its place.

Grandma was happy to see the kids, and we were happy to see Grandma.

Alex's sister Danielle, plotting her next adventure.

Danielle's always ready for her closeup.